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Leyland Torque 1998

Details of the issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 1998.

Leyland Torque 1 - Spring 1998



The beginning - The editorial from Mike Sutcliffe starts "And about time too..."
Committee - A list of committee members is given.
Meeting - Notice is given of the Inaugural General Meeting of "The Leyland Society" to be held at The British Commercial Vehicle Museum, King Street, Leyland, Preston, Lancs. on Sunday the 18th October 1998 at 1:00 p.m.
The Logo - An explanation of the reasons for choosing the society's logo.
"Torque" - An introduction to the society's magazine and the choice of name.
"Journal" - An introduction to the society's annual magazine and the choice of name.
Lapel badges - Pictures of what is on offer to members, and how to obtain them.
Sales and Wants - The first adverts.

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Leyland Torque 2 - Summer 1998


Editorial - Some notes from Mike, including increasing membership, and the Inaugural General Meeting.
A Few Words From The Chairman - Neil Steele reports on the progress of the Society in it’s early months.
News - Southdown Omnibus Trust, Leyland Rally. Solid Tyred Leyland Found. Display Engine. Driving For Export. Old Leylands in Service. Cov-Rad Radiator, includes a copy of an old advert.
Inaugural General Meeting - A brief account of the meeting.
Leyland Society Experts - A list of members who are expert in particular subjects.
What's In A Name ? Leyland - This article by Elizabeth J. Steele takes us right through the companies history from the early beginnings in 1896 when James Sumner started what was to become Leyland Motors Ltd., to 1992 when DAF pulled out.
Food For Thought - Some items relating to Leyland Chassis codes and numbers.
Centre Piece - An old photograph taken in 1913 of some Leyland Steam Wagons and two petrol powered lorries.
Data Sheet No. HG 47 - A copy of a 1947 data sheet showing tabular information relating to the Beaver, Hippo, Steer, and Octopus lorries.
Leyland Demonstrators - A list prepared by The PSV Circle.
A Second TD1 - Michael Plunket. Was there a second prototype of this 1927 Double Decker.
Ethel In Custody - Barry Rennison. The storey of a Leyland Tiger PS2/12A, from entering service with the West Riding Automobile Co. Ltd in 1952, until retirement with the author.
100 Years Ago - The possibility of a re-run of the Liverpool Heavy Vehicle Trials of 1898.
Society Sales.

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