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Leyland Torque 2002

Details of the issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 2002.

Leyland Torque 15 - Spring 2002



The Leyland Society - From The Chairman. Neil Steele outlines the reasons for changing the status of the Society to a Company Limited by Guarantee.
The Leyland National 1 - Ron Phillips. Ron gives a very interesting account of this single decker from the start of production at the Lilleyhall factory by the Leyland National Co. Ltd. This was a joint venture company set up by British Leyland and the National Bus Company. Ron goes into the construction of the vehicle and tells us about numerous other aspects. Well illustrated.
Leyland Torque Converters - Early history of Leylands "gearless" transmission. This is an article compiled by John Horne and Peter Jaques from notes made by the Leyland Motors Experimental Department in 1932/3. First used in Railcars and then tested in a Birkenhead Corporation TD1, this article gives a comprehensive account of this unique form of transmission used in buses.
Food For Thought - Alan Townsin. Includes jottings on Clayton Destination Indicators, Mark 111 and L-type engines, Leyland/English Electric trolleybuses, Eastern National Titans, Preselector gearboxes, Royal Tiger badge, Straight-skirted Royal Tiger coaches, Bus models with “wrong” radiators or chassis, Lion, drawn by tooth-power, Buses for Cuba that didn’t make it, Barton Tiger TS8 with special engine, Liverpool pump-escape KF3712, and finally, Leyland engine design strategy in later years.
Leylands In Glasgow 1925-26 - Richard Gadsby-Part 1. A look at the bus scene prior to the setting up of the S.M.T. Group in the early '30's. A lengthy article with some excellent photos.
Odd Bodies - Bob Kell replies to past queries and new mysteries: Whieldon, Rugeley, RF 6180, Keeling's Coaches, Leeds, FV 1649. Wigg's Grey Coaches, DUF 176, GWW 835, Smiths Imperial JOK 48, VU 9888, VS 3296,GK 5717,ex Premier Line. CAN 435. Mystery Leyland Cub GXX 48.
Preserved ? - A PD1 in the former Yugoslavia. Together with a preserved tram, some questions remain.
Hybridge Tiger ? - A large Furniture Removal Van, which started out as a Tiger TS7 before conversion.
Leyland Shop Wagons - Ron Phillips highlights more of Leylands own trucks. Some interesting notes and photos from the BCVM Archive.
Leyland Lion Cub SKP5 - John Bennett ponders on a rare Leyland model. Includes a brief report from one of the Leyland Managers of the time, Dec. 1933.
Leviathan Postscript - Mike Sutcliffe gives us some more details on this fine looking old double decker.
Leylands Down Under - Some notes and photos from NZ featuring some wagons of the '50's.
Letters to the Editor - Alan Johnson, notes on Leyland bodied PD's. David Corns, Roadtrain Cabriolet. Peter Stanier, Trade Plates. Harry Walkden, War Office Hippo Mk. 2's. Paul Lacey, Thames Valley buses in the Second World War. Neil Pollard, asking for photos of some Blackpool buses. Richard Peskett, Old Leyland bus operating a radio station in Jordan. Gerry Bixley Southdown PD2/1. Alan Townsin, various recent topics. John Burton, Lioness coach. David J. Williams, Diesel Engine out of a Matilda tank.
Book Reviews - books of interest to Leyland enthusiasts.
Built At Leyland - The DAF LF45 Truck. Some operating notes.

Tailpiece - Wartime picture of a conductress on the platform of a Warrington Bus.( Why did we ever get rid of them!)

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Leyland Torque 16 - Summer 2002



The Leyland National 2 - Ron Phillips. This article deals first of all with the development of the mark 2 National, built around the TL11 engine. However, due to changing times and politics in public transport, the mark 2 National was not the success that the earlier model was.
Warrington Centenary - The town celebrates 100 years of Municipal Transport. A short article with some photos by Ron Phillips.
Leyland Torque Converters - Production history of Leyland's "gearless" transmission. An account of the development and problems of this mid thirties gearbox, which was fitted to buses.
Food For Thought - correspondence: Alan Townsin. Includes Bus models with "wrong" radiators, Lion drawn by tooth power, Leyland Titan patent body, Leyland trade plates, A Wilkinson double-take, Diverted export Titans and PD1/PD2 difference, What were the Tiger TS5 and Lion LT4? Was there a Lion PLSC2? Show Worldmaster 1956, Leyland Trollybus Mysteries, Oil-engined buses on gas.
Leylands In Glasgow 1925-6 - Part 2 of a survey by Richard Gadsby. A comprehensive account of the routes, buses, and operators that were in service in Glasgow and the surrounding area in the early part of the last century.
Odd Bodies - replies to past queries and new mysteries. Bob Kell. Crown Tours, PYA 578, Lough Swilly, IH 5617, ABC, Ferryhill, Durham, DUP 911, Jackson, Guisborough, North Yorks, GVN 952, and finally, a Leyland Recovery Vehicle.
Preserved - An account of the restoration of the last remaining Leyland Model SG7 which was built around 1923/4. Mike Sutcliffe tells us all about the bus, the remains of which he acquired just after the farmer had set fire to it, to try to get rid of it. This once again beautiful vehicle is featured on the cover.
Leyland Freighter - Steve Offley. An interesting account of an operator, British Gas, whose fleet included a wide variety of vans and HGV's. many of which were Leylands from the Bathgate factory.
Letters to the Editor - From, Fred Boulton, Charles Jones, Stephen Moran, Phillip Greenwood, Eric Muckley, Malcolm Wilford, P.J. Snell, David Corns, Brian Veale, Bob Kell, Harry Walkden, and 'Pot Pourri'.
Tailpiece - A previously unpublished photo of a very early Crosville Bus taken somewhere in North Wales.


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Leyland Torque 17 - Autumn 2002



The Leyland Torque Converter by Alan Townsin. Some more facts and figures on this transmission system. One interesting point was the decision to cease production of torque converters in 1939, despite demand from several operators. Ron Phillips finishes the article with further comments relating to this aspect of production.
Showman's Leylands Three photos from Neil Steele's collection.
The Leyland Leopard. Mike Sutcliffe on the LSG1 (or PLSC2). This interesting article traces the development of this popular mid twenties single decker. The article includes copies of the original application for a licence, and the first vehicle registration document for one of the Liverpool vehicles, KA 4897.
Food For Thought - correspondence: Alan Townsin. Includes some buses for Cuba and elsewhere that didn't make it. TS5, LT4 and other unusual Tiger and Lion variants. Was there a Lion PLSC2. Provincial Lion PLSC with an AEC 'look'. Fire Brigade gathering. Re-registered Titan? . Wigan TD1 with Ribble.
Food For Thought Extra - Ministry Of Transport Regs. An explanation of Unladen Weight.
Book Reviews - books of interest to Leyland enthusiasts, includes: The Great No. 1 Factory At Kingston, Surrey by Don Williams. City-Fleet List At Takeover By Eastern National. The Lion Roars No Longer. Prestige Series (No. 17) Middlesborough & Stockton. Super Prestige No. 3 Sheffield. The British Truck Era Of Transport (Nelson) Holdings Ltd.
Leylands In Glasgow - A Survey by Richard Gadsby. Continuing this in depth look into the companies that provided passenger transport in and around Glasgow in the mid twenties. Article includes several photographs.
Odd Bodies - replies to past queries and new mysteries. Bob Kell. Includes, GWW 835 Lion LT7/Tiger PS1. CNA 435 Tiger TS7. Tiger TS3 GK 5717 and Cub GXX 488. Crown Tours PYA 578. Lough Swilly IH 5617 Lion. ABC Ferryhill, Durham, DUP 911. Jackson, Guisborough, North Yorks, GVN 952. Leyland Hippo, recovery Vehicle. Unknown BB? 996. Leyland Cub KP3, APG 325. Leyland Tiger TS1, AG 4140. Leyland Royal Tiger.
Leyland Bison TG1 & TSG1 - Ron Phillips. The development of the heavy lorry in the late twenties and early thirties was adversely affected by several factors, and Ron tells us of this period in which Leyland commenced production of their range of heavy goods vehicles, who bought them, and what they were used for. Includes a list of the principle customers for the Bison TG1 and TG2 (Tipper) with the chassis Nos.
Early Leyland Bus Bodies - A brief look at the statistic in the records for 1925 that tells us how the rate of production increased after The Great War.
Letters to the Editor - From: Andy Crockett, Cambridge. Michael Taylor, Kidderminster. Richard Perry, Southampton. Christopher Lewis, Blackheath. Royal Marshall, Burnley.John Bennett, Loughborough. Mark Green, Wigan. Mike Fenton, Holmfirth. Mike Elliott, Huyton. John Dalzell,Carlisle. Mike Sutcliffe, Totternhoe. And Ron Phillips, Warrington.
Tailpiece - Features a Royal Tiger PSU1/13, a Liverpool Airport coach


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Leyland Torque 18 - Summer 2002


The Liardet Years At Leyland - Ron Phillips. This article tells the reader all about the structure of the Company and the individuals who ran it when Aylmer A. Liardet was appointed General Manager in 1923. He held this position until his death in 1946.
Town & Dock Pumas - A short article looks at these 1930's single deckers which can be boarded from either side at the rear, and were exported to South America.
Dual Purpose Leylands - Richard Gadsby. In the 1920's it was common practice to put convertible char-a-bancs bodies on to goods chassis for weekend work. An insight into this type of operation which lasted right up to the second world war with a Scottish operator.
Low-Headroom Leylands - A not so tall double decker seating 60-70 passengers.
Cover Storey - The detail of this months cover picture, a Leyland Lion LT1 passenger chassis.
Food For Thought - correspondence. Alan Townsin. 64. Straight-skirted Royal Tiger coaches. 65. Bus models with "wrong" radiators etc. 67. Buses for Cuba that didn't make it. 69. Liverpool pump-escape KF 3712. 73. Wilkinson double-take. 75. What were the Tiger TS5 and Lion LT4? 78. Leyland trolleybus mysteries. 83. Fire Brigade gathering. 85. Wigan TD1s with Ribble. 86. Octopus with four-spring bogie. 87. Meteors and other unfamiliar names. 88. Exhaust brakes. 89. Body construction to Leyland design.
Preserved - A short account of the restoration of a Leyland Steam Wagon. With some photos by Mike Sutcliffe who assisted with the restoration.
The Leyland Matilda Tank Engine - Tommy Green. An interesting article about the Matilda tank and its engines. This 25 ton tank was fitted with two diesel engines, one a mirror image of the other, side by side at the rear of the tank.
Centre Piece - A 1937 SKPZ2 of the Singapore Traction Company.
Odd Bodies - replies to past queries and new mysteries. Bob kell. GWW 835. CAN 835. Whiteways Leyland Cub, GXX 48. Unknown BBx 196 (BBN 196). Leyland Tiger TS1 AG 4140. Leyland Royal Tiger NHW 479. Barnes Coaches Leyland Tiger JH 2266. Leyland Tiger PS1 CVD 670. Masons Tours Royal Tiger NVM 832. Finally, a very odd body, photographed by Ron Phillips, of a double decker converted into a bar in Spain.
Leyland Bison TG1 & TSG1 - Ron Phillips. A list of Bisons built in 1932/3, which indicates a preference for forward control type cabs.
Collectors Corner - Several gifts that Leyland gave to valued customers including an alarm clock and a model of a Titan TD1.
Letters to the Editor - Glen McBirnie, Rugby. Showmans vehicles. Charles Jones, Chester, Hippos. Richard Gadsby, Liversedge, Leylands in Glasgow. Also Wilf Dodds, Nuneaton. John Bennett, Loughborough, Cubs. Gerry Bixley, Bisley, Bison. Gary Dwyer, Lancing, Nationals. Eric Muckley, Warrington, Leyland vans. Bob Kell, Durham, Martin Perry, Ledbury, Badges. Ron Darrell, Loughton, London Transport PD1s, also John Shearman. Alan Fixter, Grimsby, Leyland & Volvo. George Markland, Godalming, Lorries. Jasper Pettie, Dumfermline, Kieth MacLane, NSW, Australia, Leyland owner & fan.
Tailpiece - Two South American Tigers.

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