Details of the four issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 2003.


Leyland Torque 19 - Spring 2003

  • Editorial & The Leyland Society. - Some notes from the Editor and the Chairman.

  • Memoirs of William Sumner. - Mike Sutcliffe. An extremely interesting article which takes us right back to the 1880’s, when James Sumner built his first Steam wagon which was designed to carry coal from Eccleston to Stannings bleach works. The article gives quite a lot of technical information as well as interesting accounts of early journeys around that part of Lancashire.

  • Liverpool's First Titans. - Ron Phillips. At the outbreak of the World War 2, Liverpool’s bus fleet needed to be expanded. Ron gives an interesting and detailed account of how the cities first TD1s were hired from Manchester, and then acquired second hand from London. The article goes on to give an interesting look at the structure of the city's bus fleet and routes operated in the 1940's.

  • Khaki Call-Up. - Paul Sennant. This article takes us through the development of the Leyland T244, a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the Military. In the late eighties, the military decided to replace their ageing 3 and 4 tonners with a more up to date 4 wheel drive vehicle. Paul gives the reader an in depth look at the T244 which was the vehicle chosen by the MoD.

  • Food For Thought - correspondance, Alan Townsin. 52, Drop-frame chassis. 64, Straight-skirted Royal Tiger coaches. 67, Buses for Cuba that didn't make it. 89, Body construction to Leyland design. 90, PS1 bus; PS1/1 coach-true or false? 91, Griffin PS1 buses with Leyland bodies? 92, "Leyland Diesel" radiator.

  • A Scottish Badger. - A couple of early 30's single deckers.

  • Centre Piece. - A picture taken in 1929 of a party of Canadian students on a visit to Leyland and in the picture is a Leyland Tiger.

  • Odd Bodies - replies to past queries and new mysteries: Bob Kell. Whiteways Leyland Cub GXX 48. Pritchard, Newborough, Anglesey, BBN 196. Leyland Tiger TS1 AG 4140. Barnes Coaches Leyland Tiger JH 226. Leyland Tiger PS1 CVD 670. Mason's Tours Royal Tiger NVM 832. Leyland Comet. Terrier, Choppington, GFU 44. H. Smith & Sons, EVD 905. E.J.Deeble & Sons MRL 910. Maltese Comet 2825.

  • Cover Storey. - Two Leyland Leopard L2 Coaches delivered new in 1963 to Michelin Tyres.

  • Notable Leylands In Malta. - Notable Leylands In Malta. Mike Fenton. Mike delves into the history and life of these unique and colourful single deckers.

  • Letters to the Editor - Fred Boulton, Wolverhampton. Charles Jones, Chester. John Fallon, Currie, Midlothian. Paul Edwards, West Kingsdown, Kent. Steve Offley, Reading. Doug Wydell, Barnsley. From The Archive. Roger Warwick, Northampton. Richard Gadsby, Liversedge.

  • Tailpiece - Some notes on open backed TD1’s and showing Thames Valley 175.

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Leyland Torque 20 - Summer 2003

  • Editorial. - The Society Website and other news.

  • The Leyland Society. - Chairman. The Donnington event, the Gathering, and Neil's announcement of his resignation.

  • Cover Story. - A February scene in Wigan. A PD2/12.

  • Memoirs of James Sumner. - Mike Sutcliffe. Mike reproduces an article by the man himself, James Sumner, who in turn wrote this piece for a 1905 edition of Commercial Motor. Some technical detail as well as an account of a journey in Sumner's 5 ton steam wagon. Includes 2 technical drawings.

  • Early Irish Metal-Framed Bodies. - Cyril McIntyre & Ron Phillips. Due to import duties imposed by the Irish Republic, it was more economical to import the bodies in kit form, and assemble the buses locally. This article recounts the assembly in Ireland of Leyland made bodies. Not surprisingly, certain differences were very apparent.

  • Birmingham's Trackless & Titan. - Peter Jaques and Ron Phillips. In the early 30's, it became evident that the tramcar was going to be replaced by the Trolleybus. This article recounts the storey of how Leyland, together with GEC, came to produce large numbers of these vehicles, and their introduction in Birmingham. Leyland now became the cities preferred supplier at AEC's expence.

  • Food For Thought - Wilf Dodds. 82. Provincial PLSC Lions. (T'que No. 17). 89. Body construction to Leyland design (T'que Nos 18, 19) 90. PS1 bus; PS1/1 coach-true or false? ( T'que No.19). 91. Griffin PS1 buses with Leyland bodies? (T'que No.19) 92. "Leyland Diesel" radiator. (T'que No.19) 93. Six-wheel single deck single drive (TS7T etc). 94. Indian Leyland. 95. "Our Mollie" charabanc. 96. Titanic chassis. 97. Mystery Leyland TV 3320.

  • Nottingham Hauliers - Two photos of vehicles from the Robin Hood fleet, and two of vehicles taken over into BRS. From the camera of Roy Marshall.

  • Centre Piece. - A photo of a collision between two Thames Valley vehicles, a bus and a lorry.

  • Odd Bodies - Bob Kell. Leyland Tiger TS1 AG 4149. (T'que No. 19) Leyland Comets GFU 44, EVD 905, & MRL 910. (T'que No. 19) Leyland Tiger TS7 CAN 435 (T'que Nos. 15,17,18) Leyland Lion LT2 DV 7890. Masons Tours Royal Tiger NVM 832 (T'que Nos. 18,19) Early Tigers 1: Howells & Withers WN 2123. Early Tiger 11: Murray St. Helens KF 9655. Early 111: Newbury & District No. 87, DF 7481. Early Tiger !V: The Delaine, Bourn, Lincs No.19 TL 1065.

  • Something Similar. - Neil Mitchell. Post war Leyland look-alikes from Albion.

  • Notable Leylands In Malta. - Mike Fenton. This second article looks at the Islands buses in the '70's and '80's. Includes a table of registration Nos.

  • Letters to the Editor - Geoff Ousby, Morecambe. John Howie, Horley. David Williams, Corowa, Australia. Brian Blakemore, Crewe. John Bennett, Loughborough. Harold Peers, Bradford. John Marsh, Maidstone. Neil Steele, Cheadle. Alan Townsin, Steventon. Lawrence Kenny Croxteth. John Hunt, Sheffield.

  • Book Reviews - The Leyland Man. By Mike Sutcliffe. Venture Transport and Midland Red, published by Venture Publications. PSV Circle Chassis List C1113, published by PSV Circle.

  • Society Sales and Wants

  • Tailpiece - A Leyland Comet Artic Double Deck bus in India.

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Leyland Torque 21 - Autumn 2003

  • Leyland Society Press Release - research carried out by Mike Sutcliffe has revealed that the origins of Leyland motors go back to 1884, and not 1896 as previously held.

  • Memoirs of the Sumners - part three, with further memoirs from both of the Sumners.

  • Liverpool's First Titans - part two of Ron Phillips survey.

  • The Bengal Tiger - Mike Sutcliffe describes an original bronze.

  • Food For Thought - correspondance on body construction to Leyland design, PS2 and PD2 rear end design, "Our Mollie" charabanc, Ribble Rebodies, a mystery Australian truck and Britain's first Gardner engined lorry.

  • A 12B/1 Beaver - Eric J Muckley writes on a now preserved truck.

  • Odd Bodies - replies to past queries and new mysteries including Ayats bodied Leopards, 'Raine' bodied Tigers, Double cab Beavers and a Leyland bodied AEC!

  • Leyland Nutguards and Hub-caps - David Hunt provides a detailed history of these embellishments.

  • Letters to the Editor - Mitchells and Butlers wagons, wartime measures on TD1s, Sheffield Titans, a Harrington Royal Tiger abd correspondance on previous Torque and Journal articles.

  • Book Reviews - books of interest to Leyland enthusiasts.

  • Sales and Wants.

  • Tailpiece - a Crosville Titan with a post box, and an unusual rear emergency exit arrangement.

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Leyland Torque 22 - Winter 2003

  • Early History of Leyland - Mike Sutcliffe continues the story, Part IV.

  • Development of the 'L' type - Part one of Alan Townsin's story of the Lion PLSC and related models 1924-6.

  • Food For Thought - body construction to Leyland design, Ribble rebodies, Britain's first Gardner engines Lorry, Olympian designation, short lived Tiger TS and an index of the first 102 queries raised in this column!!

  • Odd Bodies - Leyland Leopards with Ayats and Beulas bodies, a Tiger PS1 Silcox radio coach, Gloria-de-Luxe Motor Services and Tours NRE 489 and Peel's No.7, HYG 864.

  • Leyland Overseas - a first look at some Leyland export ventures concentrates on co-operation with the Dutch firm DAF on their A1500 truck.

  • A Very Special Leyland - Eric Muckley describes a unique OPS2.

  • Letters to the Editor - Milk tankers, a mystery PS1 in France, Wheels trims, open stair TD1s, Eastbourne buses and T42/T45 development.

  • Tailpiece - a bizarre open-stair TD1 enclosed by SMT.

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