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Leyland Torque 2011

Details of the issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 2011.

Leyland Torque 51 - Spring 2011


Cover Picture - Rather a mystery: a War Office Subsidy Class A, Type 5000, later known as the Model G. Can any reader provide more information?
Editorial - Charitable status granted. Leyland production summaries on the way, based on Line Nos. & Chassis Nos.
Gift Aid - A plea for members to complete the new gift aid form, and the financial significance to the Society of doing so.
Where are we going? - Securing our future: financial matters, preserving the Leyland Heritage, compilation of chassis records, and thoughts on how accumulated data should be handled.
Other Society matters - Members interested in taking on roles as backup to key functions in the running of the Society sought; a note on the Leyland Gathering at Gaydon on Sunday 17th July; a reminder of the Leyland Festival on 9/10th July at the BCVM.
The Leyland Royal Mouse - Barry Martin writes about a long forgotten Go-Kart produced by Leyland apprentices.
What Leyland's Doing - An article by Steve Whelan on a Hybrid Truck recently developed by Leyland Engineering.
Leyland Lorries from Yorkshire - A well illustrated article on Leyland lorries which originated in Yorkshire, with thanks to Peter Davies for the selection of photographs.
Food For Thought. - Allan T. Condie. 184, Worldmasters Wanted. 190, Leyland-engined Graders. 186, A Mystery Rear-engined Chassis. 187, Liverpool PD 2's. 189, Surviving Royal Tigers. 190, Leyland-engined graders. 191, Strange Leyland Artic. 192, Double deck Lions. 193, Experimental 9 Cylinder Engine.
TD1 to Johannesburg - An extract from "The Star" Johannesburg of 5th April 1928 about the remarkable journey of a double-decker Leyland Titan bus from Capetown to Johannesburg to take part in the Show: a total of 1,000 miles in 9 days of travelling.
Centerfold - More information sought about this picture.
Odd bodies - Feature edited by Bob Kell.


Leyland Cub SKP, RJ 9631. "Royal Iris", Leyland Titan PD1A, AHF 365. London Transport, Leyland Tigers, AG 4145 & VA 8890. Pilot Coaches, High Wycombe, Leyland Royal Tiger, PBH 18. NIRTB/Ulster Transport Authority, Leyland Titans. Tantivy Cheetah J 6798, Imperial, Liverpool, Leyland Tiger (TS2?) J Reed, Bebside, Tiger SP1, JP 7009

Plymouth to Warsaw 1945 - An article by Ron Phillips. Ten Plymouth buses, two TD2s and eight TD4c were purchased and exported by UNRRA to help war-torn European countries to return to normality.
Chassis Production from 1944 - Don Hilton has produced a summary, reproduced in the magazine, of Leyland bus & truck production from 1944, based on blocks of chassis numbers built.
Leyland Gas Turbine Trucks - Gary Dwyer writes about some hitherto unknown vehicles which have recently been identified from chassis build records.
Letters To The Editor - "Street Jewellery" - from Paul Lacey, Wokingham. Tiger Bronze - from Stan Smit, Holland. Rangoon Tiger Cub - from Richard Peskett. Titan TD5 v. TD7 - from Bob Kell, Durham. Platform Lorries in Torque 48 - from Neil Steele, Cheadle. Leyland 6-wheelers - from Brian Veale MBE, Salop. Leopard still in service - from Bill Cowan, NZ Grandad's Leyland Badger - from John Fallon, West Lothian. NZ Six-wheeled Tiger - from Peter Tulloch.
The rear cover - Titan TD7: why don't the fronts of buses look like this now? Maker and model names proudly displayed and a registration number that meant something to a local area.
Tailpiece - A lorry with a "Sunshine Roof" taken on 6th May 1933. A TSC7 Beaver, OJ9147 is pictured. There is also an article with more about this vehicle, produced for Parkinson Stove Co Ltd.
Sales & Wants - Adverts

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Leyland Torque 52 - Summer 2011


Cover Picture - A left-hand drive Super Hippo, one of the Shop Wagons of Leyland Motors Ltd.
Editorial - Back No's of our magazine, and subjects for articles. Gift Aid.
Society Topics - Gift Aid. Leyland Gathering at Gaydon, 2011. Where Are We Going? A discussion concerning the future of The Leyland Society. Get The Taxman To Help The Leyland Society.
What Leyland's Doing - Steve Whelan. Modifications and development work continues with military vehicles. A short article.
Leyland Lorries From Liverpool - Peter Davies. 6 pages of photos that bring back memories of street scenes of the Dock Road, and other parts of Merseyside.
Food For Thought - Allan T. Condie. 186. A Mystery Chassis. 187, Liverpool PD 2's. 190, Leyland-engined Graders. 191. Strange Leyland Artic. 192. Double Deck Lions. 193. Experimental 9 Cylinder Engine. 194. Differences between the E.170/1, E.175 and E.181 engines? 195. Leyland Cubs in Belgium.
Alexander's Ex-Sheffield Collection - Allan Condie. An interesting article that looks at the problems of running a company in the 1930's when, despite the fact that these were not prosperous times, the demand for public transport was great. A large number of 5-7 year old buses were bought by the Scottish operator, reconditioned, and put back in to service, including some from Wallasey. Includes a complete list of Titans ex Sheffield.
Odd bodies - Feature edited by Bob Kell.


Harrington bodied Leyland SKPZ2 Cubs. Wallasey Corp. Titans. NIRTB/Ulster Transport Authority, Leyland Titans. New Zealand Movan, Leyland Tiger. Imperial, Liverpool, Leyland Tigers. J Reed, Bebside, Northumberland, Tiger, PS1, JP 7009. New Items. Webber (Empire's Best), London, Leyland Tiger TS1 (60031), MP 5420. Wesley, Stoke Goldingham, Leyland Tiger, CS 5242 + Feltham Transport.

The South African Saga Continued - Michael Plunkett. Another interesting glance at the problems caused by distance and terrain in this part of Africa. Some good photos.
Centerfold - A photograph from 9th November 1953, showing 99 Leyland Titans in the Wallshaw Street garage of Oldham Corporation Transport.
Once They Built Leylands In The Holy Land - Benni Haspel. This most interesting article takes a detailed look at Leyland Ashdod. This company, formed in 1963, produced thousands of trucks and buses for use in this part of the world.
Leyland Gnus For Ireland In 1937? - Cyril McIntyre. This single deck bus chassis was launched at the 1937 Commercial Motor Show, and Cyril gives the reader the report written by the 2 Engineers from the Great Southern Railways Omnibus Dept. It appears to be a very modern looking bus, very much ahead of it's time. 44 seats, all forward facing, 2 front steering axles, and a higher floor space, 4 feet longer than the 32 seater. Unfortunately, no order was placed.
Recent New Books - 3 reviewed, all about buses, Maidstone & Dist, Newbury & Dist, and Ribble.
Letters To The Editor - Centre Spread Photo Torque 51, several letters & E mails. Fr. Cover, Torque 51, Maurice Doggett. Southdown Six Wheeler model, Gerry Bixley. Mystery Lion, John Bennett. Ergo in Rockhampton, Queensland, Phil Dixon. " Braidwood Bodied" Fire Engines, Peter Barker, Darlington.
For Sale - 0.600 Oil Filters & a TS1 Chassis.
The rear cover - A Leyland Royal Tiger coach, model PSU1/15 with Leyland C41C body outside the South Works entrance.
Tailpiece - A much travelled ex-Warrington PD2 in the colours of Warrington Coach Lines, on the entrance road to Warrington Bus Depot.

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Leyland Torque 53- Autumn 2011


Cover Picture - A Leyland Cub with Burlingham C28R body, having been sold to W Robinson & Sons in March 1934
Editorial - Charitable Status, Copying photos, Odd Bodies and the AGM
Society Matters - Gift Aid, Leyland Society AGM, Membership Renewals, Society Gathering, Gaydon 2011.
Gathering at Gaydon - A full report on the Gathering. There is a full report on the Gathering on the website, too.
Transport Trust Awards - Cash awards given towards various Leyland products that have been restored. A note on next years awards.
What Leyland's Doing - Steve Whelan. Details of Leyland Trucks involvement in local affairs, which included Christmas Party in December and a family fun day in June. Employees demonstrating to the locals, Schools and Colleges, what the Company is all about.
Food For Thought - Allan T. Condie. 190. Leyland Engined Graders. 192. Double Deck Lions. 195. Leyland Cubs in Belgium. 196. Retriever Crash Tender. 197. "Jack-in-the-Box" Differential
Fergusson & Rackham, Chief Engineers - Alan Townsin. Extracts from Alan's letter giving us a lot of background information on these two individuals, and others in the 1920's.
Leyland Lorries For Loads - Lorries from London - Peter J Davies. 6 pages of photos of working lorries. All post war except 2 1930's..
Centerfold - A view at the back of South Works in March 1945 showing 36 Leyland Hippos for the War Office.
Odd bodies - Feature edited by Bob Kell.


Harrington bodied Leyland SKPZ2 Cubs. Red & White, Leyland Tiger TS2, GC 8220. Strachan-bodied coaches of Wigan, PS1s, JP 6514/7009. Webber (Empires Best), Leyland Tiger TS1 (60031), MP 5420. Wesley, Stoke Goldington, Leyland Tiger TS7, CS 5242. Feltham Transport, Leyland Tiger TS1, MS 8834. Charles (Alexandra Coaches), London, Leyland Tiger TS4, AME 460. Broadway Coaches, Leyland Tiger TS2?, VO 2364.

Do You Have The Right Image? - Mike Sutcliffe MBE. A detailed article giving us a vast amount of information and technical know how on the subject of copying photographs. Includes examples of " Before & After" photos.
Leyland Titan PD1 Radiators, Leicester - Maurice Darnes. An account of the radiators which were chrome plated and/or painted on these smart looking Leicester buses. ( Also Birkenhead, DB.)
Letters To The Editor - Torque Converters, Laurence Eccles. Torque Converters, also Ashdod, Raymond Jackson. Leyland in Wartime, Colin Thirlwall. Lynx Shop Wagon, also Tanks, Harold Rushton. Sheffield & South Africa, Peter Greaves. Leyland Steam Wagon in Australia, Catherine Willmot. Appeal for Photographs, Paul Lacey. Society Journal No. 13, Robin Hannay. Leyland Octopus Part 2. Leyland Motors in Wartime. North Western Tigers. The Ergomatic Cab, Part 1.
Sales - Radiator Mounting Rubbers, O.600 engine oil filters.
The rear cover - A prototype Leyland Cub KG1 seen crossing Hammersmith Bridge in London in April 1931.
Tailpiece - A snowy line-up of Leyland Titan PD2 chassis at South Works, pictured by the Leyland Photographer on 4th December 1950.

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Leyland Torque 54 - Summer 2011


Cover Picture - A magnificent pre-1930 Leyland Fire Engine
Editorial - This years AGM, Leyland in Israel, Ashdod, Ashok in India, and other countries overseas. Request for help from our Members
Society Matters - Help needed for "Leyland Torque" , our Archive. Leyland gathering, 8th. July 2012.
Recent Happenings - An account of some of the recent work that has taken place in the town that reflects it's association with Leyland Motors in Leyland.
What Leyland's Doing - Some photos of present day products and a couple taken at our Gathering at Gaydon last July.
Leyland Lorries For Loads - Peter J. Davies. 6 pages of Lorry photos from the 1930's to 1980's.
Food For Thought - Allan T. Condie. 116, Ashok Leyland. 193, Experimental 9 Cylinder Engine. 194, Differences between the E.170/1, E.175 and E,181 Engines? 195, Leyland Cubs in Belgium. 196, Retriever Crash Tender. 197, "Jack in the Box" Differential. 198, Southdown Tiger Cub. 199, S.M.T. and Leylands. 200, Unusual Gear Change. 201, Marine Leylands. 202, Unusual Leyland Beaver Badge.
The Real Celtic Tiger - Michael Plunkett. A nostalgic look back to the '60's at CIE's bus operation in Ireland. Amusing and very readable.
Centerfold - A ladies summer outing in a Leyland Charabanc, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, about early 1920's
Odd bodies - Feature edited by Bob Kell.


Palanquin, London W3, Leyland Tiger TS2, XV 3774. Arlington and Meltz bodied Tigers. Clarke (Alexandra), Enfield, Leyland Tiger TS4 AME 460. Walker (Broadway), Liverpool, Leyland Lion(?) VO 2364. New Items. Ashton Coaches, Warrington, Leyland Tiger TS6, ED 8919. Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society Leyland Tiger TS7, BYE 995 & DYO 297. Adnams, Merton, Leyland Tiger TS7 EA 8300.

The First Tiger Cub - Mike Sutcliffe, MBE. Not in 1952, but 20 years earlier. A detailed look at the development of a 20 seater single decker for Canada and other overseas customers, which never got beyond a chassis.
Thames Valley's "Odd" Tiger - Paul Lacey. Some questions relating to the last of a batch of 6 Lion LT2's. This last bus was changed to a Tiger TS3, with full coach bodywork referred to as a "6 cylinder Lion. Some facts and some unanswered questions.
CNEC & Leyland Ashdod - Two letters from Raymond Jackson and Malcolm Margetts which give us some more information on this Israeli Organisation in the 1960's.
The Right Image - Mike Sutcliffe MBE. In this second article Mike discuss's copyright and gives us some useful tips.
Letters To The Editor - Leylands at work in New Zealand. Summary, Gary Dwyer. Inchicore Works, Tom Robinson. Restoration Possibilities.2 buses.
The rear cover - A sad end to a Leyland Titan TD2 after an accident in 1952
Tailpiece - A Chocolate Express Omnibus - the first "Pirate Operator" in London.

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