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Leyland Torque 2012

Details of the issues of Leyland Torque which were published in 2012.

Leyland Torque 55 - Spring 2012


Cover Picture - "Leylands Last Longer" was an early slogan: confirmed by this 1930 Lion TD1
Editorial - Future of Odd Boddies. Items for future issues, Help for digital archive.
Society Notes - 2012 AGM, Leyland Gathering At Leyland, 8th. July 2012, An Opportunity For Leyland Restorers.
Major Fire At Spurrier Works, Leyland - Major Fire At Spurrier Works, Leyland. Gary Dwyer. This huge fire started in the late afternoon of last Dec. 21st. in what is now Lancashire Enterprise Business Park. 100 firemen were called to fight the blaze, and the adjacent West Coast Railway line was closed for a time. Tragically, the superb Bowkers 1934 Leyland Beaver and the Leyland Comet Gas Turbine Tractor unit from the BCVM collection were destroyed.
What Leyland's Doing - Steve Whelan. The company and it's employees have received many awards in Recent times. These include Manufacturing Excellence awards from the IMechE in 2009 & 2010. and also the prestigious Shingo prize, Bronze Medallion. Leyland Trucks recently celebrated producing the 100,000th. DAF LF. delivery vehicle.
Food For Thought - Allan T. Condie. 193. Experimental 9 Cylinder Engine. 194. E.170/1, and E.181 Engines. 197,198,199, Nothing to add. 200. Unusual Gear Change. 201. Marine Leylands. 202. Unusual Leyland Beaver Badges. 203. Preselector Leylands. 204. Prototype FEC Body. 205. Portsmouth Trolley Bus, Leyland TBD2. 206. Leyland Tiger TS5 and Lion LT4. 207. Unfrozen Leyland Tiger TS11. 208. Leyland Titanic Chassis for Ireland? 209. Leyland Torque Converters replaced with gearboxes.
Alexander's Ex-Wallasey Titans TD1's - Allan Condie. The first of Wallasey's Titans were withdrawn in 1935 and eventually ended up with the Scottish company. By 1936 all bar no 33 went up north. An interesting account of the subsequent life of these double deckers. Included is a detailed list of these Titans.
"Leyland Lorries For Loads" Lorries from Scotland - Peter Davies. 6 pages of photos showing these lorries in their working environment.
Centerfold - A 1928 Leyland QH2 six tonner with drawbar trailer carrying two lift boxes.
Odd bodies - Feature edited by Gordon Brooke.


Leyland Titan PD2/3, "South Africa". Palanquin, London W3, Leyland Tiger TS2, XV 3774. Arlington and Meltz bodied Tigers. Ashton Coaches, Leyland Tiger TS6, ED 8919. Royal Arsenal Co-op, Leyland Tiger TS7, BYE 995. Royal Arsenal Co-op, Leyland Tiger TS7, DYO 297. Aadnams, Merton, Leyland Tiger TS7, EA 8300. New Items. JJ Longstaff, Mirfield, Leyland Tiger PS1/1, GWW 667. Crown Coaches, Newcastle, Leyland Cub KP3, WG 1173. Moffat, Leyland Tiger PS1, GAO 510. Glider, Leyland TS4, FOT 129.

Ashdod Leyland - Martin Pippard. This 8 page article contains a wealth of material about Leyland's involvment in Israel through the creation of a company co-owned by Leyland and a local Leyland dealer, CNEC at the port city of Ashdod on the Mediterranean coast. This well illustrated article not only traces the production of various lorries and buses, but the involvement of politics and other manufacturers.
Leyland In Canada - Harold Rushton. Another article looking at the Company's operation overseas, this time, North America. Starting off in New York, a brief look at a not very successful operation set up in 1961, and then an account of a slightly bigger effort in Canada. Includes the names of the personalities involved.
From Our Archive - 2 photos of 1932 Leyland Lion Coaches
Letters To The Editor - Leyland Titan Radiators. Paul Roberts. Kent Fire Brigade. John Meakins. Shop Wagons. John Battersby. Two Unusual Badges. Southdown Royal Tiger. Robert Smith. Leyland Cubs in New Zealand. Bill Cowan. Leyland Tiger TS2 Steering Boxes. Nick Webster. Ribble Atlantean, Bomb Trolley. Ted Smith. Inchicore Works. Cyril McIntyre.
The rear cover - A City of Plymouth Fire Brigade Leyland 'Beaver' from February 1967
Tailpiece - Two huge ships propellers being hauled by a pair of Jarvis Robinsons Beaver tractors in Liverpool. Another picture on page 5

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Leyland Torque 56 - Summer 2012


Cover Picture - A 1956 Leyland 24.0/4 Octopus, part of the A C Horton fleet, based in Tipton, Staffs.
Editorial - Articles for Torque, Archive material.
Society Notes - Membership Renewals, Gift Aid, 2012 AGM, Leyland Gathering at Leyland, 8th. July, 2012.
"Leyland Lorries For Loads" Lorries From N Wales & Deeside - Peter. J. Davies. 6 pages of photographs spanning 1928 to 1981.
Food For Thought - Allan T. Condie. 194. Tank Engines and the E. 181 Engine. 196. Leyland Retriever Crash Tender. 201. Marine Leylands. 204. Prototype FEC Body. 205. Leyland TS5 and LT4. 206. Portsmouth Trolleybus. 210. Torque Converters replaced by Conventional Gearboxes. 208. Unfrozen Tiger TS11's. 209. Leyland Titanic Chassis for Ireland. 211. BET Titans. 212. Leyland Tiger Cub with Air Suspension. 213. An "odd body" that never was...Royal Tiger.
From Our Archive - A very wet picture!. Someone hand cranking an LT1 Lion
Wallwork Models - Larry Noades. Models of 1930's buses.
Centerfold - Preston Docks, February 1949: 18 Leyland PD2/1s on their way to Douglas, IOM.
George Shaw And Company Ltd. Brewery Lane, Leigh - John Robinson. A very interesting article that traces the history of brewing in the Leigh area from the early 19th century to present times. Transport developed from canals, horse & carts, and railways and with the development of the lorry, a number of Leyland vehicles were purchased. The article includes several old photos, and one of a preserved Beaver.
Odd bodies - Feature edited by Gordon Brooke.


Leyland Titan PD2/3, "South Africa". JJ Longstaff, Mirfield, Leyland PS1/1, GWW 667. Crown Coaches, Newcastle, Leyland KP3, WG 1173. Glider, Leyland Tiger TS4, FOT 129. Moffat, Leyland Tiger PS1, GAO 510. St. Kevin's, Leyland Tiger TS6, WJ 9414. Leyland Tiger TS4, JUM 789. Leyland Cub KP3, WG 1170.

Leyland Holland NV. - Stan Smit. After WW 2, the Parent Company, Leyland were represented by 6 companies in Holland, 4 of which were wholly or partially owned by Leyland Motors. This illustrated article, which extends to 12 pages, tells, in great detail, the story of the company's involvement in the Netherlands.
Letters To The Editor - Leyland Cub in Israel, Benni Haspel. Ribble Atlantean, Bomb Trolley, Ian Ashman. Ribble Atlantean, (&Bomb Trolley), Malcolm Margetts. Ribble Atlantean, (&Bomb Trolley), David Powell. Bamber Bridge Titan PD1, Peter Greaves. Southdown Royal Tiger, Cyril McIntyre. The "Brighton Belle", Russ Smith. Leylands at Work in New Zealand, Howard Dixon. Canadian Beavers, John Dalzell. & Don Hilton.
Sales - A model Z radiator, and a book "Electric Avenue", the story of Morrison-Electricar
The rear cover - A picture from the BCVM Archive from about March 1955 of the experimental low-loader in testing.
Tailpiece - A front-engined Albion Victor operated by Vacoas Transport, Mauritius, with a hand-painted advert for the imminent arrival of Leyland Titan PD3A/2 double-deckers

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Leyland Torque 57 - Autumn 2012


Cover Picture - NNB171 - Leyland "Hybridge" body. New to Manchester Corporation Transport in March 1933.
Leyland Society AGM
Leyland Gathering 2012
What Leyland's Doing - Steve Whelan.
"Leyland Lorries for Loads" Lorries from Lincolnshire & Humberside - Peter J. Davies. 6 pages of Leyland lorries from Lincolnshire and Humberside.
Food For Thought - Allan T. Condie.
From the Society Archive
Leylands in Holland - 2
Centerfold - Lancashire County Council Leyland Beaver 12/B/1
Odd bodies - Feature edited by Gordon Brooke.

Scanning Photographs - Mike Sutcliffe
Comet Double Deckers in India - John Shearman
Towler's Leylands - John Bennett.
Letters to the Editor - Leyland Lynx with Three Axles, Ron Phillips. Lion in Deep Water, Paul Edwards. LST3507 "Empire Gaelic", Colin Thirlwall. Low-Loader STF90, Harold Ruston. Photograph List and additional information, Peter Greaves. Leyland Tiger T2 Steering Boxes, Neil D Steele.
The Rear Cover - TSA1 Badger new to Convoy Ltd in March 1933

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Leyland Torque 58 - Summer 2012


Cover Picture - Leyland Beaver undergoing suspension tests for Iraq Petroleum Company
Leyland Gathering at Leyland (Sunday 7th July 2013) - click here for a entry form
What Leyland's Doing - Steve Whelan
"Leyland Lorries for Loads" Lorries From the West Midlands - Peter J. Davies. Photographs of lorries from the Black Country.
Food For Thought - Allan T Condie.
Food For Thought Special - Allan T. Condie & Mike Sutcliffe .
Centerfold - Birkenhead Corporation Transport workshop in 1956.
Odd Bodies - Gordon Brooke
A Truck Salesman's Musings - Peter Ball.
News from "Down Under"
Leylands in Spain
- Martin Phippard.
Letters To The Editor - Belfast Tower Wagon, Bill Montgomery. Lion in Deep Water, Jasper Pettie. Leyland Lynx with Three Axles. Birmingham Olympics, David Harvey. Leyland Panthers in Holland, Stan Smit. Rotterdam Panthers, Harold Rushton.
The rear cover - Leyland Titan PD2/12 emerging from the Beverley Bar with it's specially shaped upper deck and roof..

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